Great Rides For Your Special Event

Hiring the best Washington DC Charter bus or limo was once only a dream for ordinary people, but now it’s a standard part of Washington nightlife and available in several varieties. Due to the high demand of hiring these vehicles, a large number of car rental companies are renting out an assortment of limousines and charter buses at competitive rates. The type of limousine you hire will depend on the occasion you want it for. Your personal preference will be determined by your specific needs. 

DC limo hires in Washington now offer you more choices than ever before with their variety of models and styles.You can choose a vehicle from Lincoln sedans, Cadillac, Hummer, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford Excursion or Limos. The number of people that need to be transported for the event will determine your final choice. Most sedans can accommodate 3 or 4 while an SUV holds 7 individuals comfortably. The standard stretch limo carries from 6 to 10 passengers and a limo bus will transport about 20 people.

If you want to ensure that you get quality service and value for money you will need to plan ahead for your special event. If it is your intention to attend a Redskins game you will want to hire your DC limo from a reliable company that will provide a driver who is able to avoid the heavy traffic load and ensure your group arrives well before the game starts! Having great seating that is modern and updated is going to take you to another level of comfort during your outing. Not only will you find the seating extra body hugging, but also quite spacious, so that no-one feels overcrowded in a confined space. Your whole team can experience this if you choose the right limo. Researching online reviews of several limousine operators will help you find a company with a solid reputation.

Most limo rental companies have a similar pricing structure, so it will not be necessary to get too many quotes once you have established their track record. By reading customer reviews you will be able to quickly ascertain which company gives quality service and then you can choose from the online fleet display. You will need all your guests to meet at a single pick up point that is easily accessible, if they want to enjoy the limousine ride. The good thing about this type of transportation is that no-one has to worry about transport after the game. You may decide to spend a little time out on the town, checking out Washington DC nightlife.

Taking your DC limo to The Embassy Row Hotel – Rooftops, will have you sitting poolside, sipping a house-made cocktail. You can enjoy a Kaiser roll with tangy sausage and peppers or choose something from their full menu. Enjoy a spectacular view of Dupont Circle which is a good enough reason to visit. Pool passes are available for purchase at the front desk should you fancy an evening swim. 

The DNV Rooftop at The Donovan is another possibility for a signature cocktail and a scenic view. If you venture here in the evening your timing will be just right, because the daylight hours are reserved for hotel guests only. Everyone is hungry after a game and the British pub, Brixton is very popular during happy hour. You’ll find them along U Street. The roof deck is where you want to be for a bite to eat, beverages and memorable sunsets. Your food and draught options are reasonably priced. Jack Rose Dining Saloon is where you can enjoy classic American dishes at the roof top terrace and whiskey, whiskey and more whiskey. 

A weather check with your DC limo operator may be pertinent, especially if you’re planning those rooftop bar visits. Make sure you have a driver that has been professionally trained and friendly. This will be a great match for a group who intend having a celebration and may become inebriated! Someone who is patient and charming will be the perfect chauffeur for those who like to indulge a little too much on occasion. 

Moving around in a hired limousine can make you feel special and add a touch of class to your event. Your outing can be made more extraordinary and have special meaning by providing your friends with a luxury limo ride instead of having to worry about maneuvering through heavy traffic if you had to drive yourself. Neither will you have to be concerned about parking or how far you have to walk since you will be dropped off right at the venue you want to visit. Eliminating these concerns leaves your party free to enjoy themselves to the fullest. 

Hiring a DC limo will also have an impact on those you are trying to impress. Vehicle hire will leave you free to focus on your guests to make the occasion a memorable one. Casual observers are always impressed when someone arrives in a limo and this event can change your image for all those you invited. Your limo drive can be ultimate fun as you chat with your friends, never having to worry about directions since your driver is knowledgeable about all local landmarks and the area in which you are traveling. 

You may decide you want to visit some more night spots and Marvin Rooftop Washington, DC is so much more than another historic venue. These two stories, alfresco patio and maze of rooms, become really crowded late. Patrons flock here to see-and-be-seen. Named after DC-born soul singer, Marvin Gaye, only authentic soul food is served at this hot spot, with a Belgian twist. The later crowds like to get down on the upstairs dance floor.

Ending off your DC limo ride with a little or a lot of dancing, can make all the difference to an exciting night. Since you must have paid for your limo hire in advance you will need to remember to tip your driver appropriately. Many rely on the tips they make to sustain their lifestyle and image. You may want to consider giving them something extra so that the trip proves worthwhile for them as well, especially if their service has been excellent. You can always ask for the same limo driver if you decide you want to hire a limousine again sometime in future.

4 Free Tools That Can Help Manage Your Ecommerce Site

It takes an enormous amount of work to build a successful online store that can become one of the best ecommerce order fulfillment companies in SC. To maintain your ecommerce business growth you need to activate email marketing campaigns, optimize product pages, gather data, marketing, sales and manage promotions.

This does seem like a whole lot of work and for some people it’s just too much! Others just take it in their stride and get the job done with hardly a hair out of place. Some people cope with stress better and a challenge seems motivational to certain individuals, who are always up for it. Fortunately the internet has opened a great number of opportunities for us and these also include a lot of free tools.

With the right tools that automate several common processes and analyze the collecting of data to generate traffic and drive more sales, you will manage. Achieving your goals will not take is not going to use up your whole budget because there are several great free tools that have been made available to help you supercharge your ecommerce store. You can begin using these immediately.

1.Mailchimp offers a great free email service that lets you collect and grow your subscriber email list up to 2000 for free. Email marketing is important and a part of everything that runs ecommerce order fulfillment companies. You can use their plan that is forever free and includes automation. This automation tool can help you build a funnel series of emails that will help convert leads to sales. Automated follow-up emails for users who abandon the shopping cart are also possible.

2.Hub Spot CRM – This all-in-one platform that helps entrepreneurs manage their marketing and sales process form one dashboard, with the use of a forever free plan. This is the system that will help manage all the technicalities of a web site. Hubspot has other free tools and software you might consider trying.

3.Nelio-AB-Testing – is a free plugin for WordPress that will help you run A/B test to figure out the best colors that will encourage more clicks and marketing strategies for your website. These results will help you optimize your website product pages. The heatmaps feature will also show you where your site requires improvement. Visitors behaviors are tracked to see which images, links and buttons they use the most.

4.Elementor – At some stage you’ll need to upgrade you website design to give visitors a better experience. Website upgrades were previously expensive, but those costly days are gone. Elementor is a page-builder plug-in for WordPress websites that is useful as design web pages and custom layouts without any web design knowledge or creativity.

This open-source tool has a live editor. You can design sales pages, landing pages and product pages that are more effective. Create custom home pages simply by dragging and dropping elements to make your own design on a blank canvas.

These free tools help manage and build your ecommerce business and accomplish set goals with a little effort. When your business develops and you start making more money you can buy even more powerful tools that will help you take your store to the next level.