Classes Offered

Childbirth Course - 1-3 Sessions
Pregnancy Nutrition, Physiology and Hormones, Labor and Delivery, Birth Preferences/Plan, Labor Positions/Tools, Support Role, Postpartum Expectations, and more
Newborn Care - 1 session

What to expect, feeding, sleeping, calming, diapers, umbilical and circumcision care and more

Breastfeeding 101 - 1 session and additional coaching as needed

How to get "the latch", positioning, potential issues, physiology of breast feeding, pumping and storing milk, IBCLC referrals and more

Birth and Postpartum Classes

End of Life Guidance

Advanced Care Planning - 1 Session

Preparing your Health Care Proxy/ Durable Power of Attorney for Health, Making Your Wishes Clear and Concise in Writing

What to Expect at the End of Life - 1 Session

End of Life Signs, Final Thoughts and Interactions, Hospice Help and Guidance, the Vigil, Other Services Needed

Funeral Officiant Meeting - 1 Session

My Husband, Tim, is a Pastor and a passionate and gifted Funeral/Celebration of Life Officiant.

Postpartum Planning - 1 session
Expectations vs. Reality, Being Prepared, Self Care, Nutrition, Sleep, Potential Postpartum Issues, Sex and Intimacy and more

Partner Support - 1 Session

How to support the Mom - physically and emotionally before, during and after labor

Parenting 101 - 1-3 Sessions

Newborn to Toddler, realistic expectations and goals, training from the beginning, needs of the child

All Classes are evidence based and designed to give you the information you need to make informed decisions for the birth of your baby.

Pricing for all classes may vary based on individual needs and requests. Virtual Classes are available upon request. Inquire today!